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We have minis and they will be ready for new home the week before Christmas!

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Originally bred to be hypoallergenic service dogs Labradoodles have become one of the most popular breeds around.  Intelligent and easy to train Labradoodles have the calm and loving dispositions required for family pets and they are also well suited as service and therapy dogs.


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Responsible Breeding

Our owned dogs and guardian dogs are companions and friends.  They are socialized and kept in clean and sanitary conditions.

All dogs are kept up to date on vaccinations and routine preventative care.  Breeding dogs have also had their hips x-rayed.

We provide health guarantees and will screen all prospective adoptive families.

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Responsible Ownership

Responsible pet owners treat their canine friends like family and realize it is a commitment for the life of your dog.  Regular socialization, exercise and preventative health care including spay or neuter.  A safe and clean environment with a fenced yard.  Clean water and regular feeding.

Common sense and thought care of your dog will yield years of joy and companionship.

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Since 1993

I'm Sydney

Breeder of Labradoodles and lover of all things doodle.

Growing up my family always had Labrador Retrievers and they were great dogs.  Lot’s of fond memories from my childhood.  But they were always shedding on the carpet and furniture and my mom’s allergies flared around the dogs.  (Can you tell that our dogs have always been family members?)

Several years ago a family friend introduced me to their labradoodle and I was hooked.  They are fun and friendly, they don’t shed and they’re great around my family.

I’ve placed Labradoodles with lots of families and they’ve all had the same great experiences I have.

Consider being the forever home of a puppy from our next litter.  You’ll be hooked, just like I was.


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Labradoodles for sale in Texas.  Labradoodles for sale in Austin.  Labradoodles for sale in Dallas.  Labradoodles for sale in Ft. Worth.  Labrodoodles for sale in Houston.  Labradoodles for sale in Houston.